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5 Days Eat Right for Running Coaching 

Who says Eating Right for Your Running has to be Time-Consuming, Complicated, and Hard?!

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Do you know how to eat right for your training?

Does this sound like you? 

You’ve had a long busy day. You’ve been putting out fires since you woke and all you want to do is get home, sit down and relax, but … 

You’ve a race coming up and there’s training to do … so instead of going home you head for the park for a run. But a half-hearted jog is all you can do and all you can think of is FOOD. 

Your weekend run wasn’t much better! 

You should have run a half, but you crashed out after 10 and now you’re seriously worried that you’re going to show yourself up and not get to the finish-line of your race. 

So What Are You Going to Do?

Let’s work together to get your diet, the food you eat day in day out, and when you eat sorted out so this doesn’t happen again. 

To feel MORE ENERGISED AND ALIVE by fuelling your body with the food it needs for ENERGY in my 5 Days Eat Right for Running Coaching ! 

The Eat Right for Running Coaching is for busy runners who want to eat healthier and eat the right foods for their training, but struggle with knowing what to eat, when to eat and just don't have the time to make it happen ... And would like some coaching and support to keep them on track!

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Imagine How it Would Feel…

To have a boost to your ENERGY, so you can train super strong. 

To be certain you’ll NOT BONK whilst out on your long Sunday run. 

To LOSE WEIGHT and improve your health from a few small tweaks and food swaps, and including delicious whole food meals to your diet each day.

To arrive at your race feeling confident, powerful and strong! 

When do we start?

  • Once you're confirmed as in, you will get access to the Coaching Facebook Group immediately for some 'get started' actions.
  • We’ll start the challenge on Monday 25th November, but you will see in the Facebook Group there are already resources, support, and fun going on so jump right in!
  • Look out for the emails with your Coaching Actions. Make the change and then let us know how you do in the group.
  • Watch out for more coaching tips, live streams and Q&As in the Coaching Facebook Group for more Eat Right for Running support!